Tariff Regulations

Article 1
Maximum applicable rates

1 - Following maximum rates per standard ISO container will be applied for loading and unloading in Leixões port using automatic means during normal terminal working hours:

Services 20' 40' 
  Full Empty  Full  Empty 
Loading 162.03 130.77 162.03 130.77
130.77 162.03 130.77
- ship/ship 
- ship/wharf/ship
2 - Rates established in the previous number covers the following operations: 

a) For containers to be loaded: Reception and unloading of container from vehicle or wagon on which it arrives in the terminal park; Loading onto a vehicle and transportation to ship; Loading of container onto ship.

b) For containers to be unloaded: Unloading of container from ship to vehicle or wagon; Transport between ship and terminal park; Unloading at the terminal park; Loading onto a vehicle or wagon for exit from terminal.

c) Shifting: 1. On board; 2. Via quay;

3 - Direct loading or unloading of containers in properly authorised circumstances will be subject to the rates established in number 1 of this article.

4 - Storage of containers in the parking areas of the terminal is free for the first 5 days. After the 5th day, and calculated retroactively from the first day of storage, the following rates will be applied: 

- Up to 10 days: €2.04/TEU/day   
- After 10 days: €3.70/TEU/day  

Article 2
Maximum applicable rates when no marine transport is involved

1 - For full containers transported by truck or wagon to export park, which are not loaded and leave the terminal again, the applicable rate will be € 98.68 per container.

2 - For empty containers delivered by truck or wagon for parking in the terminal which are not bound for shipment and which leave the terminal again the applicable rate will be € 73.80 per container.

Article 3
Additional Services

1 - When requested, Leixões Container Terminal will provide the following additional services:

1.1. Ship and equipment support  

a) Lashing/unlashing € 1,232.14/shift   
b) Hatch covers € 202.14 per cover   
c) Inspection report on state of containers € 12.36 per container.   

          1.2. Cargo Support

                   a) Handling damaged cargo € 1,807.31/shift
                   b) Container sweeping € 20.52 per container
                   c) Weighing (SOLAS Convention)
                       c.1) Method 1 - Weighing a packed and sealed container
                              € 116.65 per weighing
                       c.2) Method 2 - Weighing each of the goods and cargo items and adding those weights to the
                              container's tare weight
                              € 29.16 per weighing.
                    d) Inspections:
                        d.1) Tax Inspection Centre (NIF)* € 171.12 per container
                        d.2) Veterinary* € 287.18 per container
                        d.3) Phytosanitary* € 287.18 per container
                        d.4) Cargo scanning € 137.23 per unit
                        d.5) Verification with deconsolidation/consolidation of 50% or more of the informed weight
                               € 599.02 per container
                        d.6) Containers presented to Customs and not inspected
                               € 137.23 per container
                        d.7) Containers inspected at the container yard with seal verification and/or temperature measurement 
                               € 81.72 per container  
                        Note: Services marked with an asterisk include the eventual deconsolidation/consolidation of less than
                                  50% of the informed weight, extra moves in the container yard, transport, opening/closing of doors,
                                  sealing and return to the stacking area.

           1.3. Cargo Support

                   a) Loading / unloading of containers requiring special handling 
                       € 202.14 per container
                   b) Removal of on-board containers requiring special handling
                       € 131.55 per container
                   c) Removal of containers from the wharf requiring special handling 
                       € 252.70 per container
                   d) Extra moves at the container yard by third-party responsibility
                        € 40.86 per move.
                   e) Transport of containers within the terminal by third-party responsibility
                        € 14.30 per move.

Article 4
Maximum applicable rates for unloaded containers bound for loading for other ports (trans-shipment)

The following rates will be paid for each container unloaded at the terminal for subsequent loading for other ports and which does not leave the terminal during its stay nor have any of its cargo handled:

Transhipment Euros

Full Empty
20' container
40' container
Container requiring special handling

Article 5
Reefer containers

The following rates are levied for the services provided to reefer containers at the terminal:

a) Connection / disconnection of containers

- 08/17 h - € 43.56
- 17/24 h - € 52.58
- 00/07 h - € 62.73

- 08/24 h - € 59.52

- 08/24 h - € 64.52

b) Electricity supply

Power consumption (per day/cont)  € 21.34

c) Temperature Control (im/exp by day/cont)

- € 13.64

- € 17.72

Sundays/Holidays- € 20.45

d) Download temperature         € 41.07
Non-containerised goods

Article 6
Maximum applicable rates

1 - For loading and unloading of non-containerised cargo at Leixões Container Terminal the rate of € 11.47 per ton will be levied. 
Rate covers following operations:   

a) Cargo loaded: Movement from under tackle to ship.
b) Cargo unloaded: Movement from ship to under tackle.

2 - For loading and unloading of light motor vehicles at Leixões Container Terminal the rate of € 162.03 per unit will be applied. 

3 - For loading and unloading of heavy vehicles above 3.5 tons and heavy equipment at the Leixões Container Terminal the rate of € 162.03 for every 6 minutes of crane utilisation will be applied. 

Rate covers the following operations:   

a) Cargo loaded: Movement from under tackle to ship.
b) Cargo unloaded: Movement from ship to under tackle.

4 - Storage. Following rates will apply for storage of non-containerised cargo:   

-Up to 15 calendar days             € 0.206/m2/day    
-From 16 to 30 calendar days    € 0.417/m2/day    
-More than 30 calendar days      € 0.818/m2/day   

Article 7
Additional services

1 - When requested, Leixões Container Terminal will provide the following additional services: 

1.1. Ship and equipment support   

a) Non-specialized lashing/unlashing € 1,232.14/shift (not including specialised operations)
b) Shifting on-board within the same hold € 23.04/ ton   
c) Shifting on-board to another hold € 45.96/ton   
d) Shifting via quay € 45.96/ton   

1.2. Support for handling of non-containerised cargo:  

a) Cargo reception: € 1,067.68/shift   
b) Cargo delivery: € 1,067.68/shift   
c) Reception of heavy equipment: € 97,55/every 6 minutes of crane utilisation   
d) Delivery of heavy equipment: € 97,55/every 6 minutes of crane utilisation    

Other services

Article 8
Supply of water and electricity

TCL will provide water and electricity to ships moored at the terminal as per to APDL Rate Regulations.  

Article 9


1 - In order to promote the implementation of measures adopted in the Security Code ISPS and also to guarantee the protection and security of cargoes under his custody, the Concessionaire (TCL) will charge a € 10.00 (ten euros) tax per container handled.

2 - Empty containers and containers from transhipment shall be excluded of the above mentioned tax.


Article 10

Rates will come into force on 1 January 2024 and will be in effect up to 31 December 2024, and are applicable to operations performed during weekdays and Saturdays in normal working periods of the Port of Leixões.